Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back here again.

Well I was so disappointed with myself for being here yet again. I promise myself this time every year that I'm going to work hard and make changes to Lose weight and be the person I know deep down under all that fat, I am. Every summer holidays I feel like shit when I'm on the beach next to all those beautiful people. I look terrible in a swimsuit and just feel frumpy. To make matters worse I'm the heaviest I have EVER been in my entire life. Even at the last stages of my pregnancies.
Well that has pushed me. I am 80kilos. I am unhappy and miserable, unmotivated and down. It effects my relationship with my hubby as I don't want to be intimate as I feel so unattractive.
I took the first step and ordered lite and easy. I know it's a fair amount of money but if I can get used to eating correct portions and can lose some weight I will feel more motivated as it comes off and then I can learn healthy recipes for all of us to eat. I know I don't want to be here again it is lousy.
I added photos of me and the first one is of who I can, will and deserve to feel like.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oktoberfest Sunday 23rd

It started out early we set our alarms for 5:30,thing is I was in charge of both phones so I pressed snooze (oops off) We were up and had breakfast at 6:30 and off we went. Got the train at Odeonsplatz to Thereseinweise where oktoberfest is held. Lots of people doing the same thing getting there early to line up so they can get a table. We lined up outside and they roped it off behind us. It was so crowded and I was light headed any way, so standing there for 2 hrs was killer, at one stage I thought I was going to faint. 
I will tell you, most people dressed up. They looked fantastic. We decided that we were dressing up on Tuesday when we meet Gabs and Vin! I remember at one stage of the night telling someone how great my boobs are. ( Really Erin!)
So when the doors opened everyone started shoving and pushed to the door. My god it was good when I popped out the other side. Dear god. 
So we walked around and tried to find some where to sit..... NADA!!! All of the places were reserved. Ok so we decided to go for a walk and find some where else. We walked out and we saw that there was a short line at the Lowenbrau. So we lined up and they let people in 6 or so at a time. We got let in and we then found a table. I asked if we could sit with them, sure thing, they were Aussies and told us that the table was reserved but we could be there until 11:30. Great plenty of time. We ordered a stein each and got busy. Another couple of guys joined the table two American guys. One of them was a rocket scientist. I've seen it all now. 
Inge was our waitress she was fantastic, so much fun. We found out that the 4 Aussies names were Rob, Jarrod, Warwick (Wazza) and Lara. Wazza and Lara just got engaged and they live in Brisbane, Rob lived in Vienna and Jarrod lives in New York. Great bunch of people. So much fun!!!

The vibe was incredible there was an excitement in the air. 
People would stand up on the table and skull their beer( lunatics) but the whole crowd would bang on the table and clap. They played some song every now and again and we all jumped up and stood on the table then all banged glasses ( by the end of the day I don't know how the steins didn't break) Prost!!!!! That's cheers. 
This happened frequently throughout the day. 
So the more we drank the more people we met. The table behind us was Aussies same with the one on the otherside. One was a family who had travelled to Paris to get treatment for their son. They were nice and he ( not sure of his name) was wanting group selfies all the time. He is the one with the beer glasses. Then the others were some girls who live in London and Rob was into one of them bad. Lara even gave us a preview of her undies. Hilarious ( she was wearing a very short skirt and standing on the table.) she said " Just let me know when you are going to do that and I'll pick my wedgy out" So Australian. 
We were surrounded by them. It was great. We came across a tour group leader. I asked how the hell he was going to lead anyone. He wasn't sure. 
He is the one in the yellow shirt. I think I got so many photos so I could remember who was who???
There are lots!

So we danced,stood on tables, shouted PROST! Just had a ball. A lady came around with some hats and sunnies etc we got a hat each (which I lost) oh well! Brett did look good in his he shook his head and his bell would ring. 
We ended up being able to stay because Inge just moved us to another table. I think the serviette rose that Rob made her worked. 
We left around 7 we walked around outside. I was well and truly gone so was Brett, we couldn't find the train station and we walked around trying to get out, that's when we decided to get a chicken to chow down on. I'm so glad I couldn't see myself eating I can only imagine how I would have looked, I was ravenous, remember we ate at 6:30 that morning. 
I finally asked someone which way to go and they pointed us in the direction. We moved that way but were still lost. So I asked this cute little couple, they were going there themselves so we walked with them. (holding hands, of course) They were from Austria. 
They got us there and we got on the train where we met some guys from Newcastle. 
Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!! 
We were going to go to the pub, I'm so glad that it wasn't open. We had had enough. 
So all in all we had an amazing day. And are back doing it again Tuesday. 
Talk to you then. 

I must mention one of the waitresses was a vampire, she had vampire teeth.


I cannot believe that I missed this part of my trip it was one of the best parts of my trip. We did this when we arrived in cork. I looked at it and thought get fucked I'm NOT going up there. Even Brett was freaked and thought twice. We snapped a few picks and in we went. There was such a line it took over an hour to get up there. It was narrow but enclosed. For those of you that don't know I have an acute fear of heights. I freak and I often dream that I'm falling to my death so this was major. I was in the stairwell and my heart was beating out of my chest. Oh god I don't want to do this, how high is it?, will I have to climb ladder type stairs and the list goes on and because it was such a drawn out process ( one or two steps every couple of minutes) my brain was in overdrive. At one point I looked out the little window and my body must have gone rigid as Brett said "you just looked didn't you" I couldn't turn back I was locked in. So up we kept going with a rope to hold onto. We hit the top outside and I saw there were no more steps the walls were high enough that I felt secure. Ah this isn't that bad! It was beautiful looking out towards the countryside. I did it I really did it!!!!
Now time to kiss the blarney stone. Yep I can do it. I watched as each person had their turn, that didn't look so hard. Brett encouraged me all the way. I handed him my bag and sunnies and scarf. Ok I'm doing it. As I got closer I saw each person lay down
( yep I can do that) Then he told them to hold the rails, ( got this in the bag) and then he dips them down into an open crevice between the rock which is 40 metres high. ( Um NO FRIGGING WAY IN HELL ) So Brett gave my things back and he ( being so Brave ) kissed away.

I am learning so much about myself on this trip. I can do things on my own. I can try new things even if I'm scared, the outcome isn't always that bad. I don't have to rely on any one. I can be more independent. I am an anxious self conscious person who is happy to make everyone else happy ALL the time. I am realizing I don't have to do that all the time. I can say no if I want to. I have a fire in my gut to live my life to the fullest. There is so much out there waiting for me to try.


Well today was adventurous as we had to get tickets for the train. Brett knew where we were going but it was scary to order. So I ordered 2 tickets to Montmatre. They looked at me like o had two heads then repeated saying something that didn't sound like anything I said. I nodded. Merci. We got our tickets and both the ladies in the booth were laughing. They did not hide the fact they were talking about me at all. Bitches.

We went to Montmartre and then headed up to the sacre cure. This guy jumped at us and tied string to Breyts finger all the while chatting asking about kids and language he then tied it on Bretts wrist an Brett said how much. He. Handed him a 20 and he said I will give u 10 change as soon as he had the money he gave Brett 2s and 1's "no" Brett said $10. No he wasn't giving it to him, fucker. They are as bold as brass. We knew there was nothing he could do as there was 4 guys around us. So we headed up to Sacre coeur. It was gorgeous. Brett was sussing out things from the movie Amelie. It was really pretty. We went in the church which was gorgeous but they charge 10€ to light a candle. Rip!

We then took ourselves on a tour of Montmartre looking at the little cobbled streets and cute shops and restaurants. We sat down worked out which train to catch to get to the Louvre and Notre Dame. off we went. There was a line at the ticket machine. (Only one there, so stupid. )and a guy approached us to sell tickets. We were like ok but a girl in line in front shook her head. So we said no and got tickets from the machine. I watched people he sold them to and they worked. So not sure what happened there!
We went to the louvre I was exasperated by the sheer size of the place. We were in the statue place at first and it was ginormous. So gorgeous though. Men back then had large balls and small penis's. (just noting the facts). The only reason I went was of course to see Mona.
So finding her was a nightmare then getting out was worse. When we got out it had started to rain so we had planned to go to Notre dame but I was tired and wet and decided to give it a miss this time. We got back on the train well we sandwiched ourselves into the train. It wasn't even peak hour. We got back to our hotel put our stuff down then went to find something to eat. A few red wines later and a heart to heart ( cry) with Brett ( the wine knocked me about) we got Mac as and back to the hotel room. I am telling you the wine here is potent. ( the fact that I hadn't eaten may have made it worse.)

Gay ol Paree

Well we arrived in Paris around 3 o'clock. We caught the bus into Paris. And then thought we could find our hotel by walking. We did but I was buggered after about 4 kms not knowing if it was the right direction and lugging 22 kgs around. We got to see the arc de Triomphe and Eiffel tower though, walked right by each. we found the Hotel, Hotel Cambronne which I thought was in a dodgy area but it so happens it quite a vibrant part there are loads of people and cafes etc around here. We were a little worried about ordering food but we managed, je vu dre chicken burger s'il vous plaît.
He laughed and said thank you. Merci!

Today we went down to breakfast pastries and cheese and meats mmmmm. It actually wasn't that good.
We then got ready and headed to the Eiffel Tower I was so nervous as i knew I had to go up, you cannot be in Paris and not go in the Eiffel Tower. So we got our tickets, ( not much of a line up at all) and in we went. You must realize I am so so so scared of heights. I really freak out, get vertigo etc. So up we go. My god I was panicking but only a little. We stopped at the second level. Ohhh my head was pounding but when I got out there I wasn't too bad. Ok I thought. Brett said come on we will go upstairs where there is only a railing. Ok up I went from about 12 second of convincing. It was fine I stood against the rail and Brett took some photos. I was really pushing my comfort zone. I took some selfies
( never usually take them. Lol) To prove how high I was. Then it was time...... Dun dun dah!!!! To get back on and head to the summet. We were cramped in and my heart was beating so fast. I didn't look but it took a long time to get there. Jesus Fu$&ing Christ it's a frigging long way up. We got out and that was ok. Nothing to worry about. More selfies to prove then down we went. I tell you I am a changed woman. I can do things I never felt possible. Go Me!

We then went to Champs Élysées. One side was so upmarket, the otherwise much more fun. We went to Sephora. That was an experience, lots of sales people spraying you and trying to sell anything they could. I smell soooooooo Good!
We also visited the arc de Triomphe. Great day! I'm wrecked though now.

The glass of red wine probably didn't help

Ireland and all it has to offer.


Well that is a lot I might add. I didn't post much as I was having such a brilliant time and wifi is ridiculous.
We travelled to Wicklow, Arklow Glendalough, Kilkenny and Cashel which I covered. So after Cashel we drove on to Cahir and visited Cahir castle and then did a walk along the river to the swiss cottage which was a cottage that wealthy people named the Butlers bought to go their for weekends and pretend they were peasants. It was still beautiful and not really peasantly. It had gone to wreck and ruin when a lady decided to bring it back to its former glory. It really was a lovely place. We went back along the river which ended up being around a 4 kilometre walk. We had lunch then went on to Bunratty. We checked into our b and b and met frank the owner. He was very chatty. We had a rest then headed to the medieval feast at Bunratty Castle. We were greeted as lord and lady and given a goblet of mead. ( an acquired taste.) We listened to some music in the hall and were then escorted to the dining room. We were cramped on a table full of Americans who were ok. The couple beside us had eloped. They were sweet. They then brought out the food.
First course was Potato and Leek soup which we drank from the bowl, second was Pork ribs ate with fingers, then when I thought it was over we had Roast chicken and veges, eaten with a dagger, and last of all was cheese cake. All served with wine or juice.
We went back to our B and B and crashed.

The next day we were heading to cork. Jed and Paul were meeting us as well, we got there around lunch and then did some shopping. We checked into our B and B and it wasn't the best, which i was told was in a bad area. We then made our way to the boys hotel. We had a drink before going to   dinner at liberty grill which was so nice. Great burgers. We then moved on to another couple of pubs, we danced and chatted and had so much fun.
So we went to  Fota park which is a wildlife park. That was a great day. We spent the day hanging out . So we checked out, giraffes, emus, ostrich, buffalo, eagles and monkeys. It is one of the best days I had in Ireland. We then headed off to Thurles To siobhan's Birthday Party. We booked into the Hayes Hotel. Mmmm not the nicest. Our door was pretty much cracked and if you pushed you could get in. We got ready and headed to the Chinese restaurant called Jumbo's. Very Chinese sounding. NOT!!
Siobhan, Andrew, Siobhan M, Jed Paul  and myself then headed to the pub where Siobhan's friends and family were waiting. It was great chatting with everyone. Aedin came later and we then moved to the Hayes Nightclub. My god that was a lesson. I actually was afraid for my life there. The national anthem played and then bang everyone piled out onto the street. Shutters down, straight into lockdown. There were people leaning on cars having sex. It was an eye opening experience. We then moved into Hayes hotel where we were locked in to the bar and they served us till we wanted to stop. Great night. Scary and so much fun too.

The next day packed up the car to head to dingle. Brett was too sick to drive so Paul drove first. Long long day but also fun. It was great the 4 of us traveling together.
Dingle is a beautiful place the scenery is to die for. We took all day to arrive then went for dinner where we had seafood chowder and soda bread. I'm going to miss that bread and a guinness, not sure how I got that down but I did. Jed and Paul went to meet a friend and I just piked. Mind you I had to share a bed with Brett. I'm sure Paul and Jed did that for a laugh.
We got up had breakfast then did a little bit of shopping where I bought a tin pipe and a music book to learn how to play. We then headed toward limerick but first did slea head road. My god how beautiful was this place. We would drive stop and get pictures then drive. We saw the beehive huts and watch Brett and Paul climb down the mountain. Heart wrenching. We dropped the boys in limerick and also on our way stopped to have our palms read. Brett and I. Interesting!!!!

We then headed towards Galway and to the cliffs of moher. How gorgeous that was. Just breath taking. Literally. I was almost blown over. I could not stop laughing I have never had so much fun. I did post a video. I had so much fun. We then stayed in Galway and went to the local pub for dinner but came home as we were exhausted. We got up and headed to Connemara as Pauls cousin suggested it he had written out an itinerary for us. So we headed to clifden and took some scenic routes on the way. Denis is a photographer and I could totally see why he sent us here. We then found Leenane which is a little village near the water, and got loads of photos. We then followed the signs to Kylemore Abbey which was just gorgeous. We had a look at the gothic church too.
We then headed on to clifden and Brett found the sky road. Wow that went up high and was narrow but from the top clifden was insanely heavenly. We had some lunch and then we moved on to Dublin Long trip but we sang and talked all the way. Booked into our B and B then went to a little place called the Ivy house.
I was really really sad to leave Ireland I have wanted to come here for as long as I can remember. I truly did not want to go but I will go back.

Off to Paris

Ireland: things I have learned.

There are a few things that I have learn't so far.

The rego plateful the cars are year model where they were made and what number issue of the car. Very useful.

Another thing they have weird shower systems and in each county they are a little different.

You don't stare at the Irish they don't like it.

Names with lough in them are pronounced lock

Irish breakfast is the same as english only they serve black and white pudding. Yuk!

The Irish drive like friggin lunatics they do what ever they please on the roads and so do the pedestrians I might add.

There are so many people here that limp! Not sure why but there are!

They are always fantastic on advice of where to go and what to see.

I also learnt nothing to do with being Irish but men get hard ons when travelling on the bus. What the hell! I DID NOT know this.

The toilets here flush so long and the automatic taps run forever.

When toasting you are supposed to make eye contact with everyone who clinks glasses. It's bad luck if you don't or seven years bad sex.

Ireland is a small country and driving from one town to another is easy. You reach each town within 10 minutes.

You really have to be careful as theft is rife here. Nothing left in cars, hang onto your bags and no wallets in back pockets.

The traffic lights take FOREVER to change.

Police are called Garda

Give way signs say yield

Lock ins are quite regular. Where you are locked in the pub after it has closed until whatever time.

Whenever there is sheep on the road or road work people in cars put on their hazzards.

The sheep are painted different colours to tell them who they belong to because they just roam free.

The only road kill I have seen is cats.

Customer service is good but checkouts are slow.

Slainte is cheers in Ireland. Said slauncha.

Day 2 touring

Ferns was the first pretty town we went through these places have such beauty. Their churches are gorgeous.
We headed to Kilkenny today. It is a gorgeous town. They have the yellow and black flags up everywhere as the finals to the hurling were on last weekend. It is a weird game. Where they use sticks and hurl ( hence the name) the ball down the field, catching it in their stick thing. It was between Kilkenny and Galway and it tied so they play again on the tirtieth. (see I'm down with Irish talk. We had a look through Kilkenny castle which was amazing some of the original pieces are in there like wall paper. They have kept it pretty true to form. We then headed to one of the nearby towns called Kells. This place was Devine. It had little bridges everywhere and rock walls and was just so picturesque. We went to visit Kells Priory which was an old monastery and was around 900 years old. It was all falling down but walking around it made me think of who walked on this ground all those years ago. I got down the end and rounded the corner to the back and had this enormous rush of emotion come over me and I just dissolved into tears. Why I have no idea but I couldn't stop. If any of you are going to Ireland kells priory is a must see.

Got to our B and B which was a tad hard to find then went to a local bar
"mat the miller" where there were two guys playing traditional Irish music. It soothes the soul that stuff. 

Cashel my home town!


We set off once again this time headed for Cashel. We arrived and called Anne, Paul's mum as the gps wouldn't let us find the place ourselves, she met us and we followed her home. She welcomed up to Cashel and to her home. It was so nice of her. She showed us around the house pointing out little things she loved about the place, the Tv she won and her new ensuite, that Shane and Tom built for them. The yard, her little orchard, the trucks and Morris's tractor collection. . (That is some collection!)
We went to the rock and had the best looking tour guide. Pauly! Too cute! We also went to hore abbey! ( where all the whores lived. ) Kidding!
It was lovely no matter how many times I have seen a castle or Abbey or house I'm awe struck, to imagine what went on there all those years ago, how they lived, what they did socially etc it blows my mind. Jed, Paul, Brett and I then went and had a drink at the Cashel palace, then went to one of Paul's friends houses Alice, we had a chat then we headed to dinner at baileys. I was starving we hadn't eaten since 9. Food was great, had wine and lots of laughs then headed to penny lanes to meet Paul's cousin Denis who was lovely and so was his girlfriend Laura. We got home at one then crashed well I actually was chatty Cathy. Brett asked me to stop talking, then I crashed. Up at 8 to do it all again!

Road trippin

We picked up the car from Dun Laoghaire and punched in our first destination on the way to wicklow. Bray we had a little look as we drove on through. We then headed to Enniskerry, and powerscourt waterfall. It was so beautiful. No matter how many times I see one fall in love. People said the roads would be narrow HELLO they are made for one car only. As we drive along Brett gets so excited by the wiggly arrow sign and especially the one that says road narrows. WHAT how in the he'll can it get any NARROWER. Roundwood was the next sight (highest village in Ireland.) Glendough we got out and had a look around at an old monastery. It was gorgeous. So old and so beautiful. Rathdrum and then Wicklow then onto Arklow. While driving we had to stop for a chicken to cross. I was on fire why did the ( u know the rest).
We had a look around Arklow. It is a really pretty town. Not much to do here though! We put our washing in at the laundromat and have to pick it up at 11:00. I really don't want to be here any later than that. The B and B is ok I think I'm still ruined from Barnsley.

I did not want to leave Barnsley House

 It was the most wonderful experience but I have new adventures to tend to. Jumped in a taxi from the house and the guy who picked us up was the guy who took us there. He said it had been a pleasure driving us as we were all so nice and fun. He said it's not very often you drive in and there's a guy wearing a rugby jumper. He said it is a nice change from the stuffy rigid people who usually go there. He said we were all such a great bunch. 
So we headed to Kemble station got the train to Chetleham, changed there for Birmingham and then changed there for Birmingham Airport. 
The train system here is great so clean easy and quick. 
We got a cab and the cabby was great, he had lots of tips and showed us where things were. 
We got to the hotel Arlington Temple Bar, and checked in. 
It was hilarious because as we walked into the room we only saw one tiny single bed. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! 
I am not sharing that with Brett. As we looked around the corner There was another. Phew! We were laughing so hard as this is terrible compared to where we have just been. What a shit hole. Can't shut the bathroom door, the decor is horrid and the list goes on. I think it has alot to do with how spoiled I have just been. 
We headed out for a look see, first impressions was that it is dirty and cluttered. It is really cute the little side streets though how they are all cobbled. I love that. There are pubs EVERYWHERE! 
We went into a pub " The Oliver Saint John" lively music and packed. We moved outside and people watched. JESUS people here are SO DRUNK! 
It was 5 and people were rotten. It was funny watching them though. 
We headed back to our hotel which has a big pub and restaurant. And I had Bangers and Mash. Oh to die for. 
So tired met up with the boys and we had a few beers a burger then off to bed. Why I ate a burger is beyond me but when in .......

Bucks Party

Today is the bucks Party. It should be a great day. We are going on a pub crawl through London starting at Waterloo station. Moving on to 8 different pubs one of them is a boat moored on the Thames. Going to be a good day. 

What a great day! We had the best time yesterday. Met up with Gabby Vinny Shane and a few others to start with. We headed to the first pub where I had a pint of Peroni. (They are big suckers. )
That went straight to my head and I felt a little tipsy. We then moved on we did a lot of pubs some were closed when we got there others we just decided to give them a miss. We met up with Siobahn and Cranky, Nat, Esther and Tom, Siobahn Mc Hugh, Jane and Mark. We met all them on the boat. I will tell you Jerrod and Paul are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends (and family if I do say so myself.) I had such a fun day laughing singing and my favourite, dancing. I drank until the second I left the bar at around 2:30 where we headed to maccas. We lost Brett somewhere along the way and were very concerned, mind you we had to get those burgers first. We arrived home and he was here. Phew!!!!
So all in all fun was had by all of us. And you know it I was again (with Paul, and Jed ) the last one standing.

D. V. T.

Well so far I have not seen much of London. I have been a bit concerned with this friggin DVT so first day was looking around, Kensington palace Portobello road and getting Brett's suit and the second was a little look around getting my shoes for the wedding and then spending 5 hours in the hospital. I think my family must really love me as they spent the entire time waiting with me. I appreciate it so much. I went in ( the doctors and nurses are so young and very good I will add. So they decided that i probably more than likely am sure to have DVT. So I am now injecting anti coagulation medication into my stomach daily. Then on Monday I am going back to have a scan to see if there is a clot and then if so I keep up the injections and if not they will let me know what I have to do. 
So then today again trying to get all the things we need for the wedding as there is no other chance. We met Pauls brother wife and kids today they were very nice. Tomorrow is the bucks party is tomorrow which is going to be such great fun.. So much fun. I am pumped for tomorrow it is going to be such a fun day. That will be a blog in itself. So I hoping that Monday's appointment will be over with and then I can see some sights although we will be going passed a few as we are on our bucks party. A little disappointing but hopefully we will see lots on Monday.

London town.

September 1  We got into London and Heathrow was quite quiet so we got out quickly. We headed to our house where Jerrod and Paul are already there they had dinner on for us. So nice of them. We hit the hay around 1am. 
Next day got up and we got ready and headed to Portobello rd checked it out and headed towards Kensington. We had to look for shoes, a suit for Brett and ties for the boys. We went to T K Maxx where Brett tried on suits and shirts and Paul found his wedding shoes. Brett got a suit. He is going to look so dapper. 
We headed to a pub and had a pub meal and a beer. I'm still having problems drinking such large glasses of beer. Then home for a rest before heading to another pub "Elgin" we had a few wines and then wanted to go dancing we jumped in a black cab and asked them to take us where we could dance. We got to a place called freedom. We danced all night. They have poles which Brett really worked so well. He was the Master. This was such a fun night. We jumped into
A black cab to go back home after late night Maccas feed. Paul made me laugh so hard we laughed almost all the way home. Brett was not really impressed. Jed was a little tired so he didn't care to much. I tell you my cheeks were so sore. 

Went back along portobello road today and I got my shoes for the wedding. Hooray. Had some lunch and got a few things from tesco and the fruit market then headed back home. Where mum turned up. Great to see her and catch up on her holiday. 
I am going to the hospital either tonight or in the morning. I promise. 

Goodbye Reykjavik

What an amazing time I had here You will never see landscapes like this anywhere else in the world. I was in total awe of the whole experience. The people, the food, the vibe and as I said before this beautiful countryside. I feel like crying it is just that stunning. Some things I learned while here are that the Icelandic people have gone through a lot of hardships to get where they are today in Reykjavik itself they have had volcano eruptions in which featured homes and also the land it was hard to grow a tree little own a crop. It took years and years to get it right again. When the volcano erupted ( not sure of the name) it sent so much ash to settle it buried houses. There are still houses underneath the ground here with all it's belongings still in it although they would have melted the majority of them. The ash was so heavy concrete houses would buckle from it sitting on top.
They use minke whale as a tradition food but it is the minke they use because they are not near extinction there are plenty around. I wasn't fussed on the taste ( I only tried a tiny bit to say I had done it) the people here are very good at speaking English. They will start by talking icelandic but when we talk (g'day) they start speaking English and good English at that. They enjoy colour. Houses clothes hair etc. The shops open at 10 and close around 6 and this changes in winter. It is summer here at the moment and it is Cold. The sun may be shining but the wind is ICY. And the wind my goodness it is so strong. Blow you away strong. The water smells like egg. It is terrible nut you do get used to it. They have terrible coffee. So bad. The beer Gull is good I like it. Things here are really expensive and the money is called Krona. 1000 krona equals $8 aus. And most small things are around 2500 krona so $20. They drive on the opposite side of the road and therefore the steering wheel is also opposite. Which also means when changing gears you are changing with your other hand and towards you instead of away and cornering is tight. Putting petrol in is fun to. You put in your card choose how much money you want to put in. We couldn't work out what was a good amount so we chose 2500 krona and then you put in the number pump your at and then put the pump in and it fills it to the dollar. We got almost 10 LITRES. Um that is not going to get us anywhere. No it half filled our little Bjork.
It seems like no one is in a good mood as the language is Brash and seems like they are not happy. I'm sure they are!
They cannot make a good burger in fact I'm scarred for life.
They do a mean lobster salad and soup. Lobster is really good here. So sweet.

Today we headed to the blue lagoon. Which was the most amazing place EVER. I cannot put into words how beautiful it is the colour of the water was. I would go back to Iceland just to go here again.

Our last full day.


I woke today freaking out about my leg I went down got on the computer and checked out the symptoms. Swelling check, sore in a certain area check, hot to touch check, red on skin where affected check. God damn it. I thought I would be ok but nooooooo it's me we are talking about. So I need to go to the pharmacy and get stockings and aspirin to tide me over till I get to London where I will see a doctor.
Got socks and I cannot tell you what a difference they make it took
Some hard work getting them on but in the end I did. Also am taking aspirin.
Today was a really good day I could not stop laughing all day thanks Brett. We made our way to thingvelier not spelt this way but I don't have Icelandic text. Beautiful On the way there such different terrain as you rounded every corner. Sparse and desert looking one minute and mountainous and green the next then big lakes of water and waterfalls.

We went to visit geyser which was something so different steam pouring out of the ground the water running off the geyser was said to be 80 -100 degrees very hot and then explosion water shoots out of the ground. Amazing natural phenomen.
Onto gullfoss. I was blown away. What a large mass of water flowing over the side of the mountain. I thought the one I saw the other day was big, it's got nothing on gullfoss.
Our last challenge which we always said we would do. It was in this really swanky so posh restaurant where they waiters all wore crisp whit shirts with black vests and a tie (even the girls) where they asked me to hang my jacket in the coat room. ( my jacket i wear to footy every weekend i might add ) we had a glass of red wine and looked at the menu. OMG this was so so expensive. It was over $ 10 for the glass of wine. We made it clear (brett did) that we were just there for the taste. We tried puffin, wind dried fish, minke whale (I know iknow) and peutrified shark. They keep it on an air tight container because it smells so bad. It tastes bad too. The other things I could manage but the shark was terrible. They give you a shot of black death to mask the taste. Bad bad when chewing it the consistency changes and it goes all gluggy and WRONG. oh well another thing tried.
Tonight we were back at the hotel at 8 look at the light at 8:30

I fell asleep shortly after

Whale watching and lobster soup

Well another amazing experience we got on a whale watching cruise at 10 today. The view was again breathtaking. The wind FREEZING but who cares. We spotted a minke whale right off the bat. It came up and took a breath the went down again. This was the theme for the trip up twice (just spotting it's back ) then down again to stay down for a while. Brett got a photo. It is the luck of the draw really some days they swim right near the boat. There were an American couple on the cruise and they had 3 boys. It reminded me of my boys. They were all teens or adults. It made me a little homesick wanting my family to be here with me to be part of this amazing experience. We got off and went for the famous lobster soup. Yummo. It was good. We then went over to the volcano house to watch 2 documentaries on the volcanos here.
We watched the documentary on the volcanos and it was very interesting. The amount of lava and ash that it left was incredible. There are some houses still buried with all the owners belongings and will be there until the end of time. I did feel myself nodding off though. We came out did a bit of souvenir shopping. Then we headed back to the motel for a rest ( bit of blog writing)
Tonight we are going to a tapas place to try traditional Icelandic cuisine. Minke whale ( oh we saw him swimming in the ocean today boo hoo) puffin, lamb cod and skirr. We were going to go somewhere where they had fermented shark but this had it all bar that and I'm happy to pass that one up.
The way I'm doing this blog now is to write bits through the day as they are happening so I have a good diary of all the moments and I don't forget anything (which is possible as I am getting older) so if your confused at the way this reads this is how I'm doing it.

I will add something not sure what it is whether I m on the otherwise of the world but I keep getting the spins. Lightheaded and that feeling you got off a boat. Anyway just jotting it down.

I must mention before I forget one of the singers at the backpackers told a story before he sang. His father was a fisherman and used to work on the big fishing boats well one day he was working and he fell fell 5 meters and broke his hand so this made ( the guy ) very stressed that his father was so hurt so he prayed and prayed and so this song was about when god decided it was not time to Passover yet go go back to your family back to your son and live.
Now can you imagine me sitting there trying to look as though what he was saying was normal. It took me alot not to fall on the floor pissing myself laughing he broke his friggin hand mate he is not going to die.

Sorry I had forgotten I hadn't written about that yet.

We didn't make it to Tapas tonight we are doing that for sure tomorrow night.
Night y'all
I am really missing my family so much today it isn't funny. I am missing hugging them I see mums with their kids giving them a hug or holding their hand and I really need that I also see alot of couples arm in arm or with a head on the others shoulder and I'm missing having that with Luke. I'm sure everyone assumes Brett and I are a couple and they are probably thinking wow they aren't very affectionate. Their body language is so off. I don't give them much longer. Brett was out the back of the place we went for dinner where there was this beautiful girl eating alone ( she was gorgeous) Brett says to the guy working there "wow she was beautiful wasn't she?" ( this was after she left) the guy said " your not allowed to look" Brett said why and he said " your with your wife" brett then explained. We should invest in shirts brother and sister.
He is downstairs having an ale. I am in bed writing this very long blog which I am ending now.


Today we headed off to pick up our hire car. That was an effort in itself as they were slow, un enthusiastic and just plain rude. We were ok the only problem we had was that Brett had ordered an auto but they gave us a manual. A Chevrolet spark. Fun and games that was trying to drive in the wrong side of the car, all the accessories backward. Trying to change gears with the other hand and backwards and not to mention driving on the other side of the road. Crazy. Brett did so well and dispite a few little hiccups. We decided we would head to the little town of Vik which was around 200 kilometers away. We had a GPS so that was fine. Just out of Reykjavik I was gob smacked at the terrain. I could not believe how amazing it was. Imagine you had landed on the moon. And it was covered in moss as well as massive boulders and mountains so high and vertical. The ground was so uneven and just had lumps all over. Further along we spot white steam coming out of the ground in spurts. There are houses dotted along as we drove and look just like that dots. Specks. These mountains are so high and so steep and such beautiful colours. There are sheep and cows and horses along the flatter ground and they are so wooly. They are cute. Then again I am in awe from these giant mountains come water falls. Little trickles and full blown waterfalls. I was speechless.

We reached our destination of Vik where there was a small town and not much else. We stopped into a little diner and decided to grab a BBQ burger. Um no. It was terrible. I struggled to eat it it had the most bizarre taste which was just wrong. Brett felt the same. I had to order another drink to get rid of the taste. So we weren't impressed with that. Ok we came to Vik to see the ocean. We could not get to it from here it was annoying so we headed back toward Reykjavik Brett found a road he thought might lead to the ocean voila here it was. I thought I was impressed by the mountains. I cannot explain what this was like. It was iNsaNe. The rock formation was like Columns of rock. And then it was broken in shards as a big cave. And the sand was black with tiny pebbles which got bigger the closer you got to the water. I will say it was cold. Freezing cold but eh who cared when we had this to look at.
Off we went again stopping at a waterfall called skogur. We also could see on the peaks of these mountains snow. Beautiful but cold snow.
Drove back to the motel and we set off for dinner. We went to cafe Paris which served us the most delicious Icelandic lobster salad. To die for.
I feel sorry for Brett because he is so used to drinking most days and I have had one and want to sleep. Last night he just wanted to party but I was just not in the mood. Not fair on him. I'm a party pooper. Sorry Brett. so he is sound asleep and I'm not far behind him. I do want to say I think I have had something burst in My leg, it just doesn't feel Right. It is red along my leg, hot to touch and really sore to touch in a certain spot on my right leg. I am elevating it as we speak.
Well another fantabulous day catch you tomorrow.

First proper day Sight seeing on foot Reykjavik and the Bacon festival.


We started today with breakfast. We went downstairs to the breakfast room where there was quite the spread. Bread rolls, croissant, Danishes, bread and bread rolls, spreads, yogurt, museli and cereals juices coffee the meat was cold meats such as turkey, ham, salami. They had eggs but they were cold hard boiled eggs. They had a waffle maker and the mixture beside it to cook your own these were delicious. The fruit was huge. I needed two hands to hold my apple. I noticed while sitting  at breakfast my rings were discolored. "sulfur" won't wear my jewelry in the shower.

We then started off on our first day sightseeing. We started at the main street (laugavegur). It was around 10:30 and there weren't many people around. We checked out all the little shops and stopped outside restaurants to have a look at the menus. The buildings here are so different to the ones at home they are bright and cheery. We took  alot of photos. We stopped in and had kaffi it was good but very strong.
We headed up another street towards the church hallgrimkirkja it was majestic and so beautiful. We stood and took it all in taking photos and then we moved inside. I felt so serene in there. The size and beauty of this church is insane. The ceiling is beautifully crafted. We then went up to the top where you could see all of Reykjavik. The houses are more colorful from up here than down below.

We headed back down the street to see that they were setting up for "Bacon Festival" we decided that is what we were going to do for lunch. We headed down by the harbor and found boats and ships one had Brett's name on it so we got a pic of him in front of it. We checked out the exhibition centre which was this amazing coloured glass building then we headed back to the bacon festival. We waited in line for an hour and a half for small tub of diced bacon, bacon sushi, bacon paste ( which was yum) and a few Rashers of bacon. All for free it was great for people watching.

We headed along the main drag and heard a girl singing in the backpackers we stopped in had a few beers then moved to Cafe Rosenburg which was mentioned while we were there. There were around 5 or six acts we watched then headed back to the motel. I think Brett wanted to party. ( sorry I was so tired)

Reached our destination Reykjavik Iceland

We got on our flight to Reykjavik and I was sound asleep before the plane even took off. So I slept the entire 3 hour trip. We got to the airport and went out and grabbed the fly bus. What a great idea. If going to Iceland and you want to get to your hotel do this they take you there for 2500.00 krona each which equates to $20.00 aud Worth it no fuss just got us there. Reykjavik excursions do this. I was dying to have a shower got in and the smell was horrific. "sulfur" I wanted to get out right away but thought if I soaped up well enough the smell would dissipate.
While in the shower I checked out the legs ( I wish I took a photo) they were so fat like they were going to explode. Brett suggested elevating them while slept this worked a little I woke and they had gone down a lot but not all the way
Slept really well I might add

Abu Dhabi and the rest .......

24 th August
Arrived safe and sound. 33 degrees here. Can't tell in the airport though. What an amazing feeling flying over and seeing all that sand. It's EVERYWHERE. That was when I felt. Wow I'm in another country it is so different than anything I have ever done or seen. The shapes of the buildings were so cool. The airport is huge we had to have our passports sighted again and sit and wait. Not a lot of waiting around this time. It was so so good to be able to walk around.

The trip wasn't too bad I did stay awake and read a whole book in the 7 and a bit hours. We then landed at Heathrow. This is where I started to unravel. I am so unbelievably tired.
We arrived at 1:30 pm and couldn't check our bags in as they didn't open until 6 o'clock. So we went to the restaurant / bar and had a beer. Now I am so so so tired. Tired of waiting tired of being tired, tired of sitting. Tired tired tired. To top it all off my legs are so swollen they are so tight they feel like they might pop. We ran into a few locals and one of them suggested not taking a black cab as they will "fleece" us. He said this around 20 times not sure if I got it.

Long haul


23rd August  I was starting to feel excited as I sat on the bus to Sydney. Brett picked me up and I am now going to help him pack. Can you believe he hasn't done that yet. He did it in under half an hour. We ate on our way to the airport.
On board our flight I wasn't sure what to expect but it has been smooth sailing so far. I thought that I may have freaked out at take off but that was not the case. I did get goosebumps and that feeling like I lost my guts but it was pretty smooth sailing. Dinner was Beef ragout, some little salmon ball, passion fruit mousse and pepsi. So the reason I am writing down everything is so I can remember all of my experiences along the way. Coffee was served.
We were woken at around 2am to a cart down the aisle handing out choc chip muffins ( which I might add were so delicious) on waking for this delicious muffin I thought oh we would be so far away only to find that we weren't even half way ( to our first destination) we still had 8 hours to go. I learnt that I have fantastic bladder control as I only used the loo once and tell me how anyone would want to, let alone be actually able to join the mile high club is beyond me.
Sleeping on the plane wasn't hard for me but it wasn't comfy either. Sitting up and sleeping don't mix. There were a couple of babies on our flight (s) as it turned out. But they were so good. I felt restless so I could only imagine how restless they felt.
Brett was worried about snoring. He did a little but not too loud.
The whole trip was night. We were going back on time and there was no daylight for the entire 14 hours. I was worried about my legs and have tried to move them as much as possible.
Breakfast was yoghurt, fruit, rolls and spreads, scrambled eggs chipolate and mushrooms.
2 hours to go
Really stiff and sore and in need of a neck massage.
We only hit a few patches of turbulence they were short lived.
God this is such a long trip and we are having a two hour stopover in Abu dhabi then back on again for seven and a half hours.
Our plan is to stay awake so our bodies aren't out of whack. Then when in London it is an 8 hour wait in between flights. We are going to try to check our bags in and go for a little while and grab lunch from the nearest cafe or pub. That's a long way off though.