Saturday, March 7, 2015


28th feb 
So we flew out today. Pete drove us to the airport which was such a lovely thing to do. We arrived in syd about 8 ish and headed for the terminal. Elena was nervous excited and for once I felt in control. Knew we had to find our terminal
And check in. We did all that then headed for our gate. We got US dollars in advance as. We had to pay $ 35 us for our entrance to bali. We then went to the toilet and then Through customs where i received a PAT DOWN I was very impressed by this as i had not had any action for quiet some time. 
It was the zippers on my jeans... Ankle pat down. Ahhh such a let down. 
We then found out gate and waited. 
We boarded around 9:30
Then got comfy. 
I watched divergent then chocolat 
Elena on take off had sweaty palms she was a little nervous but was fine. 
The drink cart came around and we cheers with a Chardonnay. 
We were wined and dined and dined and wined. 
We had two women behind us that did not stop talking for 6 hours straight. 
We arrive in Denpasar the airport IS soooo big high ceilings so much room. Paid our visa. Then we went through customs then again through another counter to baggage claim then we had to find our driver. We walk out and there's what feels like hundreds of people holding sings with names in it. They are calling out. For the life of us we cannot find our names. We stand there scanning and finally I see my name... We agree to meet out the front. She is walking ahead and these two guys walk along side us trying to help with the bags. One guy motions that he is with the lady I give my bag to him and Elena says ERIN NO I say oh no I'll have that back. He was going to make me pay. See lucky I have Elena. 
Then the FUN BEGINS!!😁😁😁😁😁
We get into the van and off we go. Our lady EKA is giving us tips on what not to do how to barter and how to watch out for motorcycles on the footpath. 
Another hot tip is to go to the bank or resort to exchange money not in the street. They trick you. 
Holy shitballs I cannot believe the way they drive here. There no rules and the streets are so narrow our bus almost takes out a guy who decides to come front on at us and kind of park in front of us till he can go our driver doesn't care and just begins to drive... Ahhhhh!!!  We arrive at Bali gardens resort it's so beautiful. The workman ship in the sculptures and the timber work.

It's gorgeous. ( AND HOT) the humidity is ridiculous. We wait for our little guy to come to show is the room he insists on carrying both mine and Elena's bag. He's so happy and smily. He puts us in the elevator and says he'll meet us. We were laughing saying he'll probably be there when we get to the level looking like he hadn't just sprinted up flights and flights of stairs. 
The doors open and here he is.. I couldn't stop laughing. 

Our room is very nice. Very clean with two single beds. 
We decide to freshen up then go for walk.
We check out the pools and then go for a wander along the board walk. The beach Is soooo dirty. Rubbish washed up everywhere. 
We walk along and see the shopping mall and a few restaurants. 
We come back and sit at the boardwalk bar and have our first cocktail a Mai tai! We get chatting to the bar staff Juni is lovely giving us tips on where to go etc. 

We have a couple of cocktails then head to the room we have a rest then go to bamboo which is across the road.
Prices are expensive for bali. There's music playing with the riff of walk this way to Kenny rogers and Tina tuner oh and John Farnham and one direction. That riff goes with a lot of songs. 
We head back to bali garden where we crash. 

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