Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 2 bali🌴

1st March 
Today we decided was going to be a quiet relaxing day. We woke about 6:30am which would have been 9:30 sydney time. We get up shower then head to breakfast. We are blown away how gorgeous this place is. We sat out on the deck where we watched cat/coy fish swim in the pond. We are asked would we like tea or coffee and its brought to us. We wander seeing there are noiseless, fried rice, stirfry for breakfast. We then find the pancakes bacon and scrambled eggs. Tomorrow we will get omelette. There's fresh fruit and toast and cereal. Lots to eat. 
We leave breakfast and decide we will go do some sunning at the pool. It's so humid. Sweaty we swim, sun, swim sun. Met a pommy chick who had had a huge night out the night before. She was suffering. We grab a few mocktails ( Yes you heard right) yes they were alcohol free. Yes that's right I know your amazed but too true. We had Cinderellas. Yum!!!!! We swim. Sun then decide we might go have a spa treatment we decide on the two of us ( cheaper we think. ) has aromatherapy massage, scrub, flower bath( shower) for us then pedicure. The best pedi you could every have. I have new soft feet again.  Great service. We realise as we are doing the treatments they must think we are a couple.... Especially when they send us to shower. ( so glad they didn't have the bath available we may have had to share!!! ) LMAO. So it's safe to say Elena and I are now closer than ever we've seen almost all of each other.. Elena pipes up while we are having our pedicures "by the way". " we are NOT a couple" the girl looks at her and mods then says excuse me. She runs off to the room where my pedicures R is and we can hear laughing. They come out laughing so hard. We are guessing they found us amusing. ( making us go topless and then shower in separate showers in the same room see through glass too) oh well. Elena had a nice rack!!!
We left there refreshed and decided to look at the mall. There were some good deals but may need to go back for $50 connies!!!
Oh and $80 nikes. 
We got back to bali garden and had a cocktail then headed to dinner.. It wasn't too bad but in an amazing place looking over the water. Decorated brightly and the food looked ok but wasn't that good. Good prices though. 
We got back to hotel, hot and stuffed. Went for a swim then decided to call it a night as we are day tripping to the volcano Ubud etc tomorrow. 

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