Friday, April 26, 2013

I miss you!

I still think of you day in and day out.
Still miss your smiling eyes,
They way you used them to let me know how you felt,
makes me want to cry.
I remember moments had by us that were for us and no one else,
and the thought of times like that I hold all to myself.
You made me laugh you make me cry
But I would not wish a moment by.
Life is so short and I often think Why! Why! Oh why!
So what I have is memories that mean so much to me
And when I think about you and how much you made me see,
Even though you bagged me out (lol) and teased me joyfully.
I smile a little smile to myself and am glad I had you in my life
and I will get on with it as that's my given right.
Life is not always fair and that's what makes us stronger.
So I go ahead and will miss you a little longer.

(smiling) (laughing) (loving)

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