Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week one completed. Heres to week 2

I went into week one all pumped and excited by what was to come. I hesitantly did the before shots and weigh in but I know that it is a necessary tool to gauge the weight I have lost etc. So Week one was a little hard on the first day I was STARVING. I wasn't sure how to add in my snacks etc but I got that worked out quick smart. I also felt so tired by day 3 and did not want to get up and work out but I am learning to talk myself into things not out of them. I know from previous experience that I would always feel guilty for not doing a workout but NEVER felt guilty about doing one. So I got up and did my workout. I have discovered too that I am much better with energy and eating right if I get in that workout. I had a few times during the week that yummy food was offered to me and the first time I almost (just by habit) took it but I stopped myself and said NO I am NOT having that. I also had a time where I picked up pizza for the kids (they were having a sleep over) and traveled in the car all the way home with it smelling so delicious. I did not even have a piece. I was sure tempted but again talked myself through it instead of acting on impulse like I normally do. I also made myself go to a local 12wbt meet and greet to meet some others who are doing this program and that is WAY out of my comfort zone. It was wonderful to meet some ladies who had done it before. My girlfriend and I were newbies the others had lost 60 35 and 30 kilos... They had great tips for us. 
I am so motivated to keep going and I am sure that there are going to be hard times but I will try to talk myself around when they arise...

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