Thursday, June 6, 2013

Into Week 4 Mini milestone.

Well I have been doing OK and that is all. I should and could be doing alot better than I am. I am feeling good and know that my clothes are fitting alot nicer. I have had a few miserable weigh ins where I have felt a little disheartened but not the normal kind that I feel, I usually decide to pack it all in and give up because I am just not seeing it move on the scales but this time I am a little more reasonable with myself. I feel better my skin is amazing I feel like my clothes fit me better and I DO feel smaller. So I decided that I would do my measurements again and Low and Behold I HAVE lost. Lost Centimetres. 7 from my waist, 3 from my thighs,, 3 from my hips, 1 from my arms and 5 from my bust. I can affort 5 from there let me assure you. So That is fantastic I THINK.. I have been a little off with my food choices, having a handful of M&Ms here and a choc chip cookie there but nothing like the splurges I would have before. I DO need to cull that though as I will start to be dissapointed because I am sabotaging myself. I also am a little slack with the workouts. I have done 3 to four a week and we are supposed to be doing 6. Im not doing much core work which I should be so I will try to focus on that from now on. Consistency, eating what she says and nothing more and also working out the 6 times a week. 

I am very happy at the moment and am glad I decided to do this challenge, I am starting to get compliments which is nice also. So here is to another week where I tighten the reigns again. 

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