Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 5 Not doing as well as I would like. But its all me.

Well the reason I say this is because I am not giving it my all. I know that i feel totally like shiz when I eat the wrong foods and I know when I don't work out I don't eat as well. Well that needs to be one of my mindset lessons to myself is to be strong and not give into the temptation of doing whatever is easy. I am not craving shiz foods I am having them for convienience. I went out for a meal tonight (farewell for a workmate) and I chose the pizza. Not the Salad which would have been the better choice or the Fish but the pizza. So these are the things that I am not very happy with. I also have stopped eating the things on the menu. I need to go back to doing that and trying things that I would not normally eat. I also need to look at the workouts and do what she tells me to do and not my own thing as my own thing did not work before and It won't work this time. I have decided that my main goal is to have a tummy tuck and a boob lift and maybe implant ( depending on how limp they go after the weight loss) So I need to stick with it and follow it to a T like I said that I would in the first place.
So this week from tomorrow which is weigh in day. I will get back to following the plan like it is put there for me to follow and see how well I go then....

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