Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Abu Dhabi and the rest .......

24 th August
Arrived safe and sound. 33 degrees here. Can't tell in the airport though. What an amazing feeling flying over and seeing all that sand. It's EVERYWHERE. That was when I felt. Wow I'm in another country it is so different than anything I have ever done or seen. The shapes of the buildings were so cool. The airport is huge we had to have our passports sighted again and sit and wait. Not a lot of waiting around this time. It was so so good to be able to walk around.

The trip wasn't too bad I did stay awake and read a whole book in the 7 and a bit hours. We then landed at Heathrow. This is where I started to unravel. I am so unbelievably tired.
We arrived at 1:30 pm and couldn't check our bags in as they didn't open until 6 o'clock. So we went to the restaurant / bar and had a beer. Now I am so so so tired. Tired of waiting tired of being tired, tired of sitting. Tired tired tired. To top it all off my legs are so swollen they are so tight they feel like they might pop. We ran into a few locals and one of them suggested not taking a black cab as they will "fleece" us. He said this around 20 times not sure if I got it.

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