Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today we headed off to pick up our hire car. That was an effort in itself as they were slow, un enthusiastic and just plain rude. We were ok the only problem we had was that Brett had ordered an auto but they gave us a manual. A Chevrolet spark. Fun and games that was trying to drive in the wrong side of the car, all the accessories backward. Trying to change gears with the other hand and backwards and not to mention driving on the other side of the road. Crazy. Brett did so well and dispite a few little hiccups. We decided we would head to the little town of Vik which was around 200 kilometers away. We had a GPS so that was fine. Just out of Reykjavik I was gob smacked at the terrain. I could not believe how amazing it was. Imagine you had landed on the moon. And it was covered in moss as well as massive boulders and mountains so high and vertical. The ground was so uneven and just had lumps all over. Further along we spot white steam coming out of the ground in spurts. There are houses dotted along as we drove and look just like that dots. Specks. These mountains are so high and so steep and such beautiful colours. There are sheep and cows and horses along the flatter ground and they are so wooly. They are cute. Then again I am in awe from these giant mountains come water falls. Little trickles and full blown waterfalls. I was speechless.

We reached our destination of Vik where there was a small town and not much else. We stopped into a little diner and decided to grab a BBQ burger. Um no. It was terrible. I struggled to eat it it had the most bizarre taste which was just wrong. Brett felt the same. I had to order another drink to get rid of the taste. So we weren't impressed with that. Ok we came to Vik to see the ocean. We could not get to it from here it was annoying so we headed back toward Reykjavik Brett found a road he thought might lead to the ocean voila here it was. I thought I was impressed by the mountains. I cannot explain what this was like. It was iNsaNe. The rock formation was like Columns of rock. And then it was broken in shards as a big cave. And the sand was black with tiny pebbles which got bigger the closer you got to the water. I will say it was cold. Freezing cold but eh who cared when we had this to look at.
Off we went again stopping at a waterfall called skogur. We also could see on the peaks of these mountains snow. Beautiful but cold snow.
Drove back to the motel and we set off for dinner. We went to cafe Paris which served us the most delicious Icelandic lobster salad. To die for.
I feel sorry for Brett because he is so used to drinking most days and I have had one and want to sleep. Last night he just wanted to party but I was just not in the mood. Not fair on him. I'm a party pooper. Sorry Brett. so he is sound asleep and I'm not far behind him. I do want to say I think I have had something burst in My leg, it just doesn't feel Right. It is red along my leg, hot to touch and really sore to touch in a certain spot on my right leg. I am elevating it as we speak.
Well another fantabulous day catch you tomorrow.

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