Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cashel my home town!


We set off once again this time headed for Cashel. We arrived and called Anne, Paul's mum as the gps wouldn't let us find the place ourselves, she met us and we followed her home. She welcomed up to Cashel and to her home. It was so nice of her. She showed us around the house pointing out little things she loved about the place, the Tv she won and her new ensuite, that Shane and Tom built for them. The yard, her little orchard, the trucks and Morris's tractor collection. . (That is some collection!)
We went to the rock and had the best looking tour guide. Pauly! Too cute! We also went to hore abbey! ( where all the whores lived. ) Kidding!
It was lovely no matter how many times I have seen a castle or Abbey or house I'm awe struck, to imagine what went on there all those years ago, how they lived, what they did socially etc it blows my mind. Jed, Paul, Brett and I then went and had a drink at the Cashel palace, then went to one of Paul's friends houses Alice, we had a chat then we headed to dinner at baileys. I was starving we hadn't eaten since 9. Food was great, had wine and lots of laughs then headed to penny lanes to meet Paul's cousin Denis who was lovely and so was his girlfriend Laura. We got home at one then crashed well I actually was chatty Cathy. Brett asked me to stop talking, then I crashed. Up at 8 to do it all again!

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