Tuesday, October 9, 2012

London town.

September 1  We got into London and Heathrow was quite quiet so we got out quickly. We headed to our house where Jerrod and Paul are already there they had dinner on for us. So nice of them. We hit the hay around 1am. 
Next day got up and we got ready and headed to Portobello rd checked it out and headed towards Kensington. We had to look for shoes, a suit for Brett and ties for the boys. We went to T K Maxx where Brett tried on suits and shirts and Paul found his wedding shoes. Brett got a suit. He is going to look so dapper. 
We headed to a pub and had a pub meal and a beer. I'm still having problems drinking such large glasses of beer. Then home for a rest before heading to another pub "Elgin" we had a few wines and then wanted to go dancing we jumped in a black cab and asked them to take us where we could dance. We got to a place called freedom. We danced all night. They have poles which Brett really worked so well. He was the Master. This was such a fun night. We jumped into
A black cab to go back home after late night Maccas feed. Paul made me laugh so hard we laughed almost all the way home. Brett was not really impressed. Jed was a little tired so he didn't care to much. I tell you my cheeks were so sore. 

Went back along portobello road today and I got my shoes for the wedding. Hooray. Had some lunch and got a few things from tesco and the fruit market then headed back home. Where mum turned up. Great to see her and catch up on her holiday. 
I am going to the hospital either tonight or in the morning. I promise. 

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