Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our last full day.


I woke today freaking out about my leg I went down got on the computer and checked out the symptoms. Swelling check, sore in a certain area check, hot to touch check, red on skin where affected check. God damn it. I thought I would be ok but nooooooo it's me we are talking about. So I need to go to the pharmacy and get stockings and aspirin to tide me over till I get to London where I will see a doctor.
Got socks and I cannot tell you what a difference they make it took
Some hard work getting them on but in the end I did. Also am taking aspirin.
Today was a really good day I could not stop laughing all day thanks Brett. We made our way to thingvelier not spelt this way but I don't have Icelandic text. Beautiful On the way there such different terrain as you rounded every corner. Sparse and desert looking one minute and mountainous and green the next then big lakes of water and waterfalls.

We went to visit geyser which was something so different steam pouring out of the ground the water running off the geyser was said to be 80 -100 degrees very hot and then explosion water shoots out of the ground. Amazing natural phenomen.
Onto gullfoss. I was blown away. What a large mass of water flowing over the side of the mountain. I thought the one I saw the other day was big, it's got nothing on gullfoss.
Our last challenge which we always said we would do. It was in this really swanky so posh restaurant where they waiters all wore crisp whit shirts with black vests and a tie (even the girls) where they asked me to hang my jacket in the coat room. ( my jacket i wear to footy every weekend i might add ) we had a glass of red wine and looked at the menu. OMG this was so so expensive. It was over $ 10 for the glass of wine. We made it clear (brett did) that we were just there for the taste. We tried puffin, wind dried fish, minke whale (I know iknow) and peutrified shark. They keep it on an air tight container because it smells so bad. It tastes bad too. The other things I could manage but the shark was terrible. They give you a shot of black death to mask the taste. Bad bad when chewing it the consistency changes and it goes all gluggy and WRONG. oh well another thing tried.
Tonight we were back at the hotel at 8 look at the light at 8:30

I fell asleep shortly after

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