Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reached our destination Reykjavik Iceland

We got on our flight to Reykjavik and I was sound asleep before the plane even took off. So I slept the entire 3 hour trip. We got to the airport and went out and grabbed the fly bus. What a great idea. If going to Iceland and you want to get to your hotel do this they take you there for 2500.00 krona each which equates to $20.00 aud Worth it no fuss just got us there. Reykjavik excursions do this. I was dying to have a shower got in and the smell was horrific. "sulfur" I wanted to get out right away but thought if I soaped up well enough the smell would dissipate.
While in the shower I checked out the legs ( I wish I took a photo) they were so fat like they were going to explode. Brett suggested elevating them while slept this worked a little I woke and they had gone down a lot but not all the way
Slept really well I might add

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