Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Road trippin

We picked up the car from Dun Laoghaire and punched in our first destination on the way to wicklow. Bray we had a little look as we drove on through. We then headed to Enniskerry, and powerscourt waterfall. It was so beautiful. No matter how many times I see one fall in love. People said the roads would be narrow HELLO they are made for one car only. As we drive along Brett gets so excited by the wiggly arrow sign and especially the one that says road narrows. WHAT how in the he'll can it get any NARROWER. Roundwood was the next sight (highest village in Ireland.) Glendough we got out and had a look around at an old monastery. It was gorgeous. So old and so beautiful. Rathdrum and then Wicklow then onto Arklow. While driving we had to stop for a chicken to cross. I was on fire why did the ( u know the rest).
We had a look around Arklow. It is a really pretty town. Not much to do here though! We put our washing in at the laundromat and have to pick it up at 11:00. I really don't want to be here any later than that. The B and B is ok I think I'm still ruined from Barnsley.

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