Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oktoberfest Sunday 23rd

It started out early we set our alarms for 5:30,thing is I was in charge of both phones so I pressed snooze (oops off) We were up and had breakfast at 6:30 and off we went. Got the train at Odeonsplatz to Thereseinweise where oktoberfest is held. Lots of people doing the same thing getting there early to line up so they can get a table. We lined up outside and they roped it off behind us. It was so crowded and I was light headed any way, so standing there for 2 hrs was killer, at one stage I thought I was going to faint. 
I will tell you, most people dressed up. They looked fantastic. We decided that we were dressing up on Tuesday when we meet Gabs and Vin! I remember at one stage of the night telling someone how great my boobs are. ( Really Erin!)
So when the doors opened everyone started shoving and pushed to the door. My god it was good when I popped out the other side. Dear god. 
So we walked around and tried to find some where to sit..... NADA!!! All of the places were reserved. Ok so we decided to go for a walk and find some where else. We walked out and we saw that there was a short line at the Lowenbrau. So we lined up and they let people in 6 or so at a time. We got let in and we then found a table. I asked if we could sit with them, sure thing, they were Aussies and told us that the table was reserved but we could be there until 11:30. Great plenty of time. We ordered a stein each and got busy. Another couple of guys joined the table two American guys. One of them was a rocket scientist. I've seen it all now. 
Inge was our waitress she was fantastic, so much fun. We found out that the 4 Aussies names were Rob, Jarrod, Warwick (Wazza) and Lara. Wazza and Lara just got engaged and they live in Brisbane, Rob lived in Vienna and Jarrod lives in New York. Great bunch of people. So much fun!!!

The vibe was incredible there was an excitement in the air. 
People would stand up on the table and skull their beer( lunatics) but the whole crowd would bang on the table and clap. They played some song every now and again and we all jumped up and stood on the table then all banged glasses ( by the end of the day I don't know how the steins didn't break) Prost!!!!! That's cheers. 
This happened frequently throughout the day. 
So the more we drank the more people we met. The table behind us was Aussies same with the one on the otherside. One was a family who had travelled to Paris to get treatment for their son. They were nice and he ( not sure of his name) was wanting group selfies all the time. He is the one with the beer glasses. Then the others were some girls who live in London and Rob was into one of them bad. Lara even gave us a preview of her undies. Hilarious ( she was wearing a very short skirt and standing on the table.) she said " Just let me know when you are going to do that and I'll pick my wedgy out" So Australian. 
We were surrounded by them. It was great. We came across a tour group leader. I asked how the hell he was going to lead anyone. He wasn't sure. 
He is the one in the yellow shirt. I think I got so many photos so I could remember who was who???
There are lots!

So we danced,stood on tables, shouted PROST! Just had a ball. A lady came around with some hats and sunnies etc we got a hat each (which I lost) oh well! Brett did look good in his he shook his head and his bell would ring. 
We ended up being able to stay because Inge just moved us to another table. I think the serviette rose that Rob made her worked. 
We left around 7 we walked around outside. I was well and truly gone so was Brett, we couldn't find the train station and we walked around trying to get out, that's when we decided to get a chicken to chow down on. I'm so glad I couldn't see myself eating I can only imagine how I would have looked, I was ravenous, remember we ate at 6:30 that morning. 
I finally asked someone which way to go and they pointed us in the direction. We moved that way but were still lost. So I asked this cute little couple, they were going there themselves so we walked with them. (holding hands, of course) They were from Austria. 
They got us there and we got on the train where we met some guys from Newcastle. 
Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!! 
We were going to go to the pub, I'm so glad that it wasn't open. We had had enough. 
So all in all we had an amazing day. And are back doing it again Tuesday. 
Talk to you then. 

I must mention one of the waitresses was a vampire, she had vampire teeth.

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