Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I did not want to leave Barnsley House

 It was the most wonderful experience but I have new adventures to tend to. Jumped in a taxi from the house and the guy who picked us up was the guy who took us there. He said it had been a pleasure driving us as we were all so nice and fun. He said it's not very often you drive in and there's a guy wearing a rugby jumper. He said it is a nice change from the stuffy rigid people who usually go there. He said we were all such a great bunch. 
So we headed to Kemble station got the train to Chetleham, changed there for Birmingham and then changed there for Birmingham Airport. 
The train system here is great so clean easy and quick. 
We got a cab and the cabby was great, he had lots of tips and showed us where things were. 
We got to the hotel Arlington Temple Bar, and checked in. 
It was hilarious because as we walked into the room we only saw one tiny single bed. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! 
I am not sharing that with Brett. As we looked around the corner There was another. Phew! We were laughing so hard as this is terrible compared to where we have just been. What a shit hole. Can't shut the bathroom door, the decor is horrid and the list goes on. I think it has alot to do with how spoiled I have just been. 
We headed out for a look see, first impressions was that it is dirty and cluttered. It is really cute the little side streets though how they are all cobbled. I love that. There are pubs EVERYWHERE! 
We went into a pub " The Oliver Saint John" lively music and packed. We moved outside and people watched. JESUS people here are SO DRUNK! 
It was 5 and people were rotten. It was funny watching them though. 
We headed back to our hotel which has a big pub and restaurant. And I had Bangers and Mash. Oh to die for. 
So tired met up with the boys and we had a few beers a burger then off to bed. Why I ate a burger is beyond me but when in .......

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