Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First proper day Sight seeing on foot Reykjavik and the Bacon festival.


We started today with breakfast. We went downstairs to the breakfast room where there was quite the spread. Bread rolls, croissant, Danishes, bread and bread rolls, spreads, yogurt, museli and cereals juices coffee the meat was cold meats such as turkey, ham, salami. They had eggs but they were cold hard boiled eggs. They had a waffle maker and the mixture beside it to cook your own these were delicious. The fruit was huge. I needed two hands to hold my apple. I noticed while sitting  at breakfast my rings were discolored. "sulfur" won't wear my jewelry in the shower.

We then started off on our first day sightseeing. We started at the main street (laugavegur). It was around 10:30 and there weren't many people around. We checked out all the little shops and stopped outside restaurants to have a look at the menus. The buildings here are so different to the ones at home they are bright and cheery. We took  alot of photos. We stopped in and had kaffi it was good but very strong.
We headed up another street towards the church hallgrimkirkja it was majestic and so beautiful. We stood and took it all in taking photos and then we moved inside. I felt so serene in there. The size and beauty of this church is insane. The ceiling is beautifully crafted. We then went up to the top where you could see all of Reykjavik. The houses are more colorful from up here than down below.

We headed back down the street to see that they were setting up for "Bacon Festival" we decided that is what we were going to do for lunch. We headed down by the harbor and found boats and ships one had Brett's name on it so we got a pic of him in front of it. We checked out the exhibition centre which was this amazing coloured glass building then we headed back to the bacon festival. We waited in line for an hour and a half for small tub of diced bacon, bacon sushi, bacon paste ( which was yum) and a few Rashers of bacon. All for free it was great for people watching.

We headed along the main drag and heard a girl singing in the backpackers we stopped in had a few beers then moved to Cafe Rosenburg which was mentioned while we were there. There were around 5 or six acts we watched then headed back to the motel. I think Brett wanted to party. ( sorry I was so tired)

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