Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whale watching and lobster soup

Well another amazing experience we got on a whale watching cruise at 10 today. The view was again breathtaking. The wind FREEZING but who cares. We spotted a minke whale right off the bat. It came up and took a breath the went down again. This was the theme for the trip up twice (just spotting it's back ) then down again to stay down for a while. Brett got a photo. It is the luck of the draw really some days they swim right near the boat. There were an American couple on the cruise and they had 3 boys. It reminded me of my boys. They were all teens or adults. It made me a little homesick wanting my family to be here with me to be part of this amazing experience. We got off and went for the famous lobster soup. Yummo. It was good. We then went over to the volcano house to watch 2 documentaries on the volcanos here.
We watched the documentary on the volcanos and it was very interesting. The amount of lava and ash that it left was incredible. There are some houses still buried with all the owners belongings and will be there until the end of time. I did feel myself nodding off though. We came out did a bit of souvenir shopping. Then we headed back to the motel for a rest ( bit of blog writing)
Tonight we are going to a tapas place to try traditional Icelandic cuisine. Minke whale ( oh we saw him swimming in the ocean today boo hoo) puffin, lamb cod and skirr. We were going to go somewhere where they had fermented shark but this had it all bar that and I'm happy to pass that one up.
The way I'm doing this blog now is to write bits through the day as they are happening so I have a good diary of all the moments and I don't forget anything (which is possible as I am getting older) so if your confused at the way this reads this is how I'm doing it.

I will add something not sure what it is whether I m on the otherwise of the world but I keep getting the spins. Lightheaded and that feeling you got off a boat. Anyway just jotting it down.

I must mention before I forget one of the singers at the backpackers told a story before he sang. His father was a fisherman and used to work on the big fishing boats well one day he was working and he fell fell 5 meters and broke his hand so this made ( the guy ) very stressed that his father was so hurt so he prayed and prayed and so this song was about when god decided it was not time to Passover yet go go back to your family back to your son and live.
Now can you imagine me sitting there trying to look as though what he was saying was normal. It took me alot not to fall on the floor pissing myself laughing he broke his friggin hand mate he is not going to die.

Sorry I had forgotten I hadn't written about that yet.

We didn't make it to Tapas tonight we are doing that for sure tomorrow night.
Night y'all
I am really missing my family so much today it isn't funny. I am missing hugging them I see mums with their kids giving them a hug or holding their hand and I really need that I also see alot of couples arm in arm or with a head on the others shoulder and I'm missing having that with Luke. I'm sure everyone assumes Brett and I are a couple and they are probably thinking wow they aren't very affectionate. Their body language is so off. I don't give them much longer. Brett was out the back of the place we went for dinner where there was this beautiful girl eating alone ( she was gorgeous) Brett says to the guy working there "wow she was beautiful wasn't she?" ( this was after she left) the guy said " your not allowed to look" Brett said why and he said " your with your wife" brett then explained. We should invest in shirts brother and sister.
He is downstairs having an ale. I am in bed writing this very long blog which I am ending now.

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