Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ireland and all it has to offer.


Well that is a lot I might add. I didn't post much as I was having such a brilliant time and wifi is ridiculous.
We travelled to Wicklow, Arklow Glendalough, Kilkenny and Cashel which I covered. So after Cashel we drove on to Cahir and visited Cahir castle and then did a walk along the river to the swiss cottage which was a cottage that wealthy people named the Butlers bought to go their for weekends and pretend they were peasants. It was still beautiful and not really peasantly. It had gone to wreck and ruin when a lady decided to bring it back to its former glory. It really was a lovely place. We went back along the river which ended up being around a 4 kilometre walk. We had lunch then went on to Bunratty. We checked into our b and b and met frank the owner. He was very chatty. We had a rest then headed to the medieval feast at Bunratty Castle. We were greeted as lord and lady and given a goblet of mead. ( an acquired taste.) We listened to some music in the hall and were then escorted to the dining room. We were cramped on a table full of Americans who were ok. The couple beside us had eloped. They were sweet. They then brought out the food.
First course was Potato and Leek soup which we drank from the bowl, second was Pork ribs ate with fingers, then when I thought it was over we had Roast chicken and veges, eaten with a dagger, and last of all was cheese cake. All served with wine or juice.
We went back to our B and B and crashed.

The next day we were heading to cork. Jed and Paul were meeting us as well, we got there around lunch and then did some shopping. We checked into our B and B and it wasn't the best, which i was told was in a bad area. We then made our way to the boys hotel. We had a drink before going to   dinner at liberty grill which was so nice. Great burgers. We then moved on to another couple of pubs, we danced and chatted and had so much fun.
So we went to  Fota park which is a wildlife park. That was a great day. We spent the day hanging out . So we checked out, giraffes, emus, ostrich, buffalo, eagles and monkeys. It is one of the best days I had in Ireland. We then headed off to Thurles To siobhan's Birthday Party. We booked into the Hayes Hotel. Mmmm not the nicest. Our door was pretty much cracked and if you pushed you could get in. We got ready and headed to the Chinese restaurant called Jumbo's. Very Chinese sounding. NOT!!
Siobhan, Andrew, Siobhan M, Jed Paul  and myself then headed to the pub where Siobhan's friends and family were waiting. It was great chatting with everyone. Aedin came later and we then moved to the Hayes Nightclub. My god that was a lesson. I actually was afraid for my life there. The national anthem played and then bang everyone piled out onto the street. Shutters down, straight into lockdown. There were people leaning on cars having sex. It was an eye opening experience. We then moved into Hayes hotel where we were locked in to the bar and they served us till we wanted to stop. Great night. Scary and so much fun too.

The next day packed up the car to head to dingle. Brett was too sick to drive so Paul drove first. Long long day but also fun. It was great the 4 of us traveling together.
Dingle is a beautiful place the scenery is to die for. We took all day to arrive then went for dinner where we had seafood chowder and soda bread. I'm going to miss that bread and a guinness, not sure how I got that down but I did. Jed and Paul went to meet a friend and I just piked. Mind you I had to share a bed with Brett. I'm sure Paul and Jed did that for a laugh.
We got up had breakfast then did a little bit of shopping where I bought a tin pipe and a music book to learn how to play. We then headed toward limerick but first did slea head road. My god how beautiful was this place. We would drive stop and get pictures then drive. We saw the beehive huts and watch Brett and Paul climb down the mountain. Heart wrenching. We dropped the boys in limerick and also on our way stopped to have our palms read. Brett and I. Interesting!!!!

We then headed towards Galway and to the cliffs of moher. How gorgeous that was. Just breath taking. Literally. I was almost blown over. I could not stop laughing I have never had so much fun. I did post a video. I had so much fun. We then stayed in Galway and went to the local pub for dinner but came home as we were exhausted. We got up and headed to Connemara as Pauls cousin suggested it he had written out an itinerary for us. So we headed to clifden and took some scenic routes on the way. Denis is a photographer and I could totally see why he sent us here. We then found Leenane which is a little village near the water, and got loads of photos. We then followed the signs to Kylemore Abbey which was just gorgeous. We had a look at the gothic church too.
We then headed on to clifden and Brett found the sky road. Wow that went up high and was narrow but from the top clifden was insanely heavenly. We had some lunch and then we moved on to Dublin Long trip but we sang and talked all the way. Booked into our B and B then went to a little place called the Ivy house.
I was really really sad to leave Ireland I have wanted to come here for as long as I can remember. I truly did not want to go but I will go back.

Off to Paris

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