Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ireland: things I have learned.

There are a few things that I have learn't so far.

The rego plateful the cars are year model where they were made and what number issue of the car. Very useful.

Another thing they have weird shower systems and in each county they are a little different.

You don't stare at the Irish they don't like it.

Names with lough in them are pronounced lock

Irish breakfast is the same as english only they serve black and white pudding. Yuk!

The Irish drive like friggin lunatics they do what ever they please on the roads and so do the pedestrians I might add.

There are so many people here that limp! Not sure why but there are!

They are always fantastic on advice of where to go and what to see.

I also learnt nothing to do with being Irish but men get hard ons when travelling on the bus. What the hell! I DID NOT know this.

The toilets here flush so long and the automatic taps run forever.

When toasting you are supposed to make eye contact with everyone who clinks glasses. It's bad luck if you don't or seven years bad sex.

Ireland is a small country and driving from one town to another is easy. You reach each town within 10 minutes.

You really have to be careful as theft is rife here. Nothing left in cars, hang onto your bags and no wallets in back pockets.

The traffic lights take FOREVER to change.

Police are called Garda

Give way signs say yield

Lock ins are quite regular. Where you are locked in the pub after it has closed until whatever time.

Whenever there is sheep on the road or road work people in cars put on their hazzards.

The sheep are painted different colours to tell them who they belong to because they just roam free.

The only road kill I have seen is cats.

Customer service is good but checkouts are slow.

Slainte is cheers in Ireland. Said slauncha.

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