Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2 touring

Ferns was the first pretty town we went through these places have such beauty. Their churches are gorgeous.
We headed to Kilkenny today. It is a gorgeous town. They have the yellow and black flags up everywhere as the finals to the hurling were on last weekend. It is a weird game. Where they use sticks and hurl ( hence the name) the ball down the field, catching it in their stick thing. It was between Kilkenny and Galway and it tied so they play again on the tirtieth. (see I'm down with Irish talk. We had a look through Kilkenny castle which was amazing some of the original pieces are in there like wall paper. They have kept it pretty true to form. We then headed to one of the nearby towns called Kells. This place was Devine. It had little bridges everywhere and rock walls and was just so picturesque. We went to visit Kells Priory which was an old monastery and was around 900 years old. It was all falling down but walking around it made me think of who walked on this ground all those years ago. I got down the end and rounded the corner to the back and had this enormous rush of emotion come over me and I just dissolved into tears. Why I have no idea but I couldn't stop. If any of you are going to Ireland kells priory is a must see.

Got to our B and B which was a tad hard to find then went to a local bar
"mat the miller" where there were two guys playing traditional Irish music. It soothes the soul that stuff. 

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