Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bucks Party

Today is the bucks Party. It should be a great day. We are going on a pub crawl through London starting at Waterloo station. Moving on to 8 different pubs one of them is a boat moored on the Thames. Going to be a good day. 

What a great day! We had the best time yesterday. Met up with Gabby Vinny Shane and a few others to start with. We headed to the first pub where I had a pint of Peroni. (They are big suckers. )
That went straight to my head and I felt a little tipsy. We then moved on we did a lot of pubs some were closed when we got there others we just decided to give them a miss. We met up with Siobahn and Cranky, Nat, Esther and Tom, Siobahn Mc Hugh, Jane and Mark. We met all them on the boat. I will tell you Jerrod and Paul are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends (and family if I do say so myself.) I had such a fun day laughing singing and my favourite, dancing. I drank until the second I left the bar at around 2:30 where we headed to maccas. We lost Brett somewhere along the way and were very concerned, mind you we had to get those burgers first. We arrived home and he was here. Phew!!!!
So all in all fun was had by all of us. And you know it I was again (with Paul, and Jed ) the last one standing.

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