Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodbye Reykjavik

What an amazing time I had here You will never see landscapes like this anywhere else in the world. I was in total awe of the whole experience. The people, the food, the vibe and as I said before this beautiful countryside. I feel like crying it is just that stunning. Some things I learned while here are that the Icelandic people have gone through a lot of hardships to get where they are today in Reykjavik itself they have had volcano eruptions in which featured homes and also the land it was hard to grow a tree little own a crop. It took years and years to get it right again. When the volcano erupted ( not sure of the name) it sent so much ash to settle it buried houses. There are still houses underneath the ground here with all it's belongings still in it although they would have melted the majority of them. The ash was so heavy concrete houses would buckle from it sitting on top.
They use minke whale as a tradition food but it is the minke they use because they are not near extinction there are plenty around. I wasn't fussed on the taste ( I only tried a tiny bit to say I had done it) the people here are very good at speaking English. They will start by talking icelandic but when we talk (g'day) they start speaking English and good English at that. They enjoy colour. Houses clothes hair etc. The shops open at 10 and close around 6 and this changes in winter. It is summer here at the moment and it is Cold. The sun may be shining but the wind is ICY. And the wind my goodness it is so strong. Blow you away strong. The water smells like egg. It is terrible nut you do get used to it. They have terrible coffee. So bad. The beer Gull is good I like it. Things here are really expensive and the money is called Krona. 1000 krona equals $8 aus. And most small things are around 2500 krona so $20. They drive on the opposite side of the road and therefore the steering wheel is also opposite. Which also means when changing gears you are changing with your other hand and towards you instead of away and cornering is tight. Putting petrol in is fun to. You put in your card choose how much money you want to put in. We couldn't work out what was a good amount so we chose 2500 krona and then you put in the number pump your at and then put the pump in and it fills it to the dollar. We got almost 10 LITRES. Um that is not going to get us anywhere. No it half filled our little Bjork.
It seems like no one is in a good mood as the language is Brash and seems like they are not happy. I'm sure they are!
They cannot make a good burger in fact I'm scarred for life.
They do a mean lobster salad and soup. Lobster is really good here. So sweet.

Today we headed to the blue lagoon. Which was the most amazing place EVER. I cannot put into words how beautiful it is the colour of the water was. I would go back to Iceland just to go here again.

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