Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long haul


23rd August  I was starting to feel excited as I sat on the bus to Sydney. Brett picked me up and I am now going to help him pack. Can you believe he hasn't done that yet. He did it in under half an hour. We ate on our way to the airport.
On board our flight I wasn't sure what to expect but it has been smooth sailing so far. I thought that I may have freaked out at take off but that was not the case. I did get goosebumps and that feeling like I lost my guts but it was pretty smooth sailing. Dinner was Beef ragout, some little salmon ball, passion fruit mousse and pepsi. So the reason I am writing down everything is so I can remember all of my experiences along the way. Coffee was served.
We were woken at around 2am to a cart down the aisle handing out choc chip muffins ( which I might add were so delicious) on waking for this delicious muffin I thought oh we would be so far away only to find that we weren't even half way ( to our first destination) we still had 8 hours to go. I learnt that I have fantastic bladder control as I only used the loo once and tell me how anyone would want to, let alone be actually able to join the mile high club is beyond me.
Sleeping on the plane wasn't hard for me but it wasn't comfy either. Sitting up and sleeping don't mix. There were a couple of babies on our flight (s) as it turned out. But they were so good. I felt restless so I could only imagine how restless they felt.
Brett was worried about snoring. He did a little but not too loud.
The whole trip was night. We were going back on time and there was no daylight for the entire 14 hours. I was worried about my legs and have tried to move them as much as possible.
Breakfast was yoghurt, fruit, rolls and spreads, scrambled eggs chipolate and mushrooms.
2 hours to go
Really stiff and sore and in need of a neck massage.
We only hit a few patches of turbulence they were short lived.
God this is such a long trip and we are having a two hour stopover in Abu dhabi then back on again for seven and a half hours.
Our plan is to stay awake so our bodies aren't out of whack. Then when in London it is an 8 hour wait in between flights. We are going to try to check our bags in and go for a little while and grab lunch from the nearest cafe or pub. That's a long way off though.

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