Tuesday, October 9, 2012

D. V. T.

Well so far I have not seen much of London. I have been a bit concerned with this friggin DVT so first day was looking around, Kensington palace Portobello road and getting Brett's suit and the second was a little look around getting my shoes for the wedding and then spending 5 hours in the hospital. I think my family must really love me as they spent the entire time waiting with me. I appreciate it so much. I went in ( the doctors and nurses are so young and very good I will add. So they decided that i probably more than likely am sure to have DVT. So I am now injecting anti coagulation medication into my stomach daily. Then on Monday I am going back to have a scan to see if there is a clot and then if so I keep up the injections and if not they will let me know what I have to do. 
So then today again trying to get all the things we need for the wedding as there is no other chance. We met Pauls brother wife and kids today they were very nice. Tomorrow is the bucks party is tomorrow which is going to be such great fun.. So much fun. I am pumped for tomorrow it is going to be such a fun day. That will be a blog in itself. So I hoping that Monday's appointment will be over with and then I can see some sights although we will be going passed a few as we are on our bucks party. A little disappointing but hopefully we will see lots on Monday.

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