Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gay ol Paree

Well we arrived in Paris around 3 o'clock. We caught the bus into Paris. And then thought we could find our hotel by walking. We did but I was buggered after about 4 kms not knowing if it was the right direction and lugging 22 kgs around. We got to see the arc de Triomphe and Eiffel tower though, walked right by each. we found the Hotel, Hotel Cambronne which I thought was in a dodgy area but it so happens it quite a vibrant part there are loads of people and cafes etc around here. We were a little worried about ordering food but we managed, je vu dre chicken burger s'il vous plaît.
He laughed and said thank you. Merci!

Today we went down to breakfast pastries and cheese and meats mmmmm. It actually wasn't that good.
We then got ready and headed to the Eiffel Tower I was so nervous as i knew I had to go up, you cannot be in Paris and not go in the Eiffel Tower. So we got our tickets, ( not much of a line up at all) and in we went. You must realize I am so so so scared of heights. I really freak out, get vertigo etc. So up we go. My god I was panicking but only a little. We stopped at the second level. Ohhh my head was pounding but when I got out there I wasn't too bad. Ok I thought. Brett said come on we will go upstairs where there is only a railing. Ok up I went from about 12 second of convincing. It was fine I stood against the rail and Brett took some photos. I was really pushing my comfort zone. I took some selfies
( never usually take them. Lol) To prove how high I was. Then it was time...... Dun dun dah!!!! To get back on and head to the summet. We were cramped in and my heart was beating so fast. I didn't look but it took a long time to get there. Jesus Fu$&ing Christ it's a frigging long way up. We got out and that was ok. Nothing to worry about. More selfies to prove then down we went. I tell you I am a changed woman. I can do things I never felt possible. Go Me!

We then went to Champs Élysées. One side was so upmarket, the otherwise much more fun. We went to Sephora. That was an experience, lots of sales people spraying you and trying to sell anything they could. I smell soooooooo Good!
We also visited the arc de Triomphe. Great day! I'm wrecked though now.

The glass of red wine probably didn't help

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