Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well today was adventurous as we had to get tickets for the train. Brett knew where we were going but it was scary to order. So I ordered 2 tickets to Montmatre. They looked at me like o had two heads then repeated saying something that didn't sound like anything I said. I nodded. Merci. We got our tickets and both the ladies in the booth were laughing. They did not hide the fact they were talking about me at all. Bitches.

We went to Montmartre and then headed up to the sacre cure. This guy jumped at us and tied string to Breyts finger all the while chatting asking about kids and language he then tied it on Bretts wrist an Brett said how much. He. Handed him a 20 and he said I will give u 10 change as soon as he had the money he gave Brett 2s and 1's "no" Brett said $10. No he wasn't giving it to him, fucker. They are as bold as brass. We knew there was nothing he could do as there was 4 guys around us. So we headed up to Sacre coeur. It was gorgeous. Brett was sussing out things from the movie Amelie. It was really pretty. We went in the church which was gorgeous but they charge 10€ to light a candle. Rip!

We then took ourselves on a tour of Montmartre looking at the little cobbled streets and cute shops and restaurants. We sat down worked out which train to catch to get to the Louvre and Notre Dame. off we went. There was a line at the ticket machine. (Only one there, so stupid. )and a guy approached us to sell tickets. We were like ok but a girl in line in front shook her head. So we said no and got tickets from the machine. I watched people he sold them to and they worked. So not sure what happened there!
We went to the louvre I was exasperated by the sheer size of the place. We were in the statue place at first and it was ginormous. So gorgeous though. Men back then had large balls and small penis's. (just noting the facts). The only reason I went was of course to see Mona.
So finding her was a nightmare then getting out was worse. When we got out it had started to rain so we had planned to go to Notre dame but I was tired and wet and decided to give it a miss this time. We got back on the train well we sandwiched ourselves into the train. It wasn't even peak hour. We got back to our hotel put our stuff down then went to find something to eat. A few red wines later and a heart to heart ( cry) with Brett ( the wine knocked me about) we got Mac as and back to the hotel room. I am telling you the wine here is potent. ( the fact that I hadn't eaten may have made it worse.)

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